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wait…. I think this is here in paraguay



Hey guys, Wregs Ollie and I are doing another doodle stream for Labor Day

Gonna start at 8pm EST tonight. Rules are the same, we’ll do WOY characters, maybe some OCs, and just have a nice time looking at crazy drawings~

Labor Day-themed Wander drawings ahoy!

Empeor awesome as a janitor, PLEASEE

Asker Anónimo Asks:
If Sylander were to somehow become canin, how do you think it'd go down in the show? (I have no worries about how they'd be afterwards, I think they'd act exactly the same but with a few fluffiness here and there)
gabs-sam gabs-sam Said:


I can’t see any difference, they are already too close that if they become a canon couple anyone will notice… they probably still call to each other “buddie” or “Pal” xD, anyways… the show is about they.

"two cuties spreading the love in the universe together forever"

or you want to see them apart? :V


Is funny to think that they are actually look like a “Friendship” version of a real couple…. just read the plot of the episodes x’D

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Asker Anónimo Asks:
((I heard somewhere on tumblr, Craig McCracken said Hater and Sylvia aren't going to have a relationship, and it's just going to be an awkward non romantic date or something. Not saying that the zboneak ship is bad or anything, I find it pretty cute, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the matter))
gabs-sam gabs-sam Said:


((Oh no, I’m not expecting anything. Craig’s never been one for actual romantic subplots, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen the comment you’re talking about myself (when it first happened) so I know what he said.

To be honest, all I really want is interaction and to see Sylvia and Hater bounce off each other. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted, really. Shipping stuff would be nice, but…I’m just hopeful there’s some cute scenes in The Date. Not anything major, just a little bit.

And ‘awkward’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bad,’ you know…))


Gift for gabs-sam! <333

WHY !?!? Why this have to be sooo cuteª?


Asker Anónimo Asks:
Hi! Just wanted to ask, what program do you animate with? Draw with?
gabs-sam gabs-sam Said:


Well…to draw I use Paint Tool sai(very often), photoshop…

sometimes illustrator

To animate….I’m always animating with traditional techniques… but sometimes I use Adobe Flash :D

30 Day OTP Challenge

-Holding hands <3


Let’s take a cute Walk in th…OH LOOK!

30 Day OTP Challenge

-Holding hands <3


Friendship week ends…so.. Let’s make the challenge :D