you already drew something for me…if you want we can turns this into a Arttrade :D

I don’t usually take request :(


And that’s how the show started


Stupid sexy shark…


A silly little comic I made as a thank you to the absolutely wonderful crew of Wander Over Yonder for an amazing summer interning on their show. It was a real treat! Thank you so much, guys! 


I was watching an episode from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends titled “Bloooo”. When Bloo went to the bathroom and starting seeing things in the mirror, I started hearing music that was played by the Five Muppet Gentlemen Band from The Void.

I bet anybody notice that some woy bumpers was made with instrumental version of the “buddies” song (hater and wander) <3

specially those first ones <3

Looks like Craig was actually trapped in "The Void"

But instead of try to leave, he stay there to create Fosters home for imaginary friends xD

royalradrobot ha dicho: the lower middle one! (cross eyed with lashed!)


People ask me why mine was so derp x’DDDD

today a person put this paper, so everyone starting to draw eyes

and…I just want to be part of it >:V

you’ll never gonna know which eyes I drew >:D (???)

Happy because I’m not the only one who’s posting in the Sylander Tag :D

<3 <3 

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